Ginpachi – Urban Beekeeping and Community Building

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Today’s post will be a little bit different, no flashy photos, but a rather flashy concept. I have always been interested in ecology, low scale human sized farming and beekeeping, and I always felt my life in Tokyo, fantastic as it is, lacked a bit of the natural touch. So I was thrilled when I learned about the Ginpachi – the Ginza Hachimitsu Project, an ecological project centered around the humble bee to build a local community, aid farms, assist in the rebuilding of the tsunami ravaged north east and get some pretty wonderful 100% ecological honey in the process! The story is not new, but it is a story well worth repeating and adding to. In 2006 a local Ginza man decided to try his hand at using his building’s roof space for something more interesting than just as a place to put the air conditioning, beekeeping. Now…

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