Study day in new QBS study room

Kyushu University golden booklet
Kyushu University golden booklet from Hakozaki campus bookstore

Yesterday, I’ve found a study room in Hakozaki campus which provide almost everything I need to study.

the room is so nice well set up with printers, air condition, Wifi, individual study desk and also a small library for international student to borrow English textbook and manga! (that’s the most cool part in the room).

Also, the University also provide a education version of software such as Windows 7 to the latest on Windows 10 and Office 2016!! they provide extremely everything I need to study which I could not found in my country 😦

I think with these welled established facilities, they reduce the obstacle of students and help them to focus on study as much as possible.

I bought a booklet from the University book store. It’s design it pretty cool, golden booklet with the picture of University building which established since 1911.