Happy new year 2016.

I would say this year countdown is also another year for me to countdown oversea. Last year was Taipei, Taiwan. This year Fukuoka, Japan.

Along with my exchange program as an exchange student in Japan. I would say

明けましておめでとうございます (Akemashiteomedetōgozaimasu)

It is Happy new year in Japanese.

I went to countdown at my professor apartment and have a new year party there. After that We went to Hakozaki Shrine, a well-known shrine for local Japanese.

It is a tradition for Japanese to go to shrine on new year day to pray for goodluck on the upcoming year.

This year I set another resolution for this year.

  • Read 1 book per month: last year was 10 books.
  • Run 10k+ every week, run at least twice a week
  • Self development throught online resources once a month
  • Continue on learning Chinese and Japanese via apps
  • Increase investment portfolio for at lease 10% and win the market.

Hopefully all of these list will be all meet.

Happy new year 2016